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The Bhaltos Estate totals 690 hectacres of which approximately 20% is croftland and 80% is common grazing.  In addition the Bhaltos Estate rents hill grazing from Uig and Hamnaway Estate.  The estate covers a variety of terrain, from rocky moorland to machair and shore.

There are 5 villages within the estate.

  • Bhaltos (Valtos)
  • Cnip (Kneep)
  • Riof (Reef)
  • Uigean (Uigen)
  • Clibhe (Cliff
Bhaltos Peninsula
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Bhaltos Community Trust

When the opportunity arose for buying the Bhaltos estate from the current landlord, James Gilchrist, a Steering Group was set up in November 1998 with a remit to form a company which could purchase and manage the estate.

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One of the objectives of the Trust is to promote and assist effective utilisation of the resources of the Bhaltos crofting estate and the creation of sustainable development therein.

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Bhaltos Peninsula


The Bhaltos Peninsula, the area of the Bhaltos Estate, has always been a rich, densely settled part of the Isle of Lewis.

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